November 30, 2023


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4 Things to Consider Before Buying the Right Wedding Suit

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The wedding day is just as special for the groom as for the bride. Hence, the choice of wedding attire is an essential concern for the groom. With the wide range of wedding suits available for cocktail, casual, or formal weddings, you can decide on your look for the day that perfectly complements your gorgeous partner. However, you need to find the perfect suit that will make you look like a million dollars on your wedding day. And to do that, read the following guide.

Jot down your options

There are both customisation and off-the-rack options when wedding suits for men are considered. So, choosing a bespoke, made-to-measure, or made-to-order suit depends entirely on your preference and budget. An off-the-rack suit will work if you have a strict budget or fit nicely in generic sizes. Moreover, these suits are ready-made and do not require any further work. If you have the flexibility to spend a little more and are willing to get a versatile suit that can be used on any occasion post your wedding, go for a bespoke, made-to-measure, or made-to-order suit. 

Wedding season

The season of your wedding determines the kind of fabric you must choose. If it is a winter wedding, it is ideal to opt for a wool-blend or wool tuxedo. A three-piece suit can also be versatile for winter and fall weddings, as the vest will keep you warm and comfortable. Moreover, if you are up for some experimentation, you can go for some unusual material like tweed that will make you look apart. You can also add a hint of luxury with your choice of a dark velvet suit for a winter wedding.

Summer and spring weddings offer a lot more scope to experiment with fabrics. You can go for breathable fabrics like cotton and linen that are lightweight and perfect for the summer. A two-piece light wool suit with a silk blend can also be a fine choice for a summer wedding. 

The right fit  

Getting the right fit for the wedding suit is crucial as it helps in accentuating your figure. So, take a note of how the shoulder, neck, sleeves, pants, jacket, and waist fit. Also, don’t forget about the fabric buckling, which would mean that the suit does not sit well on your body. 

You must check if the jacket hugs your shoulders and has a sip-in at the sides, creating a V-shaped contour and accentuating the shoulder’s width. The length must be long enough to cover the rear end and the pants zipper. There should be no gap between the shirt and the jacket’s collar, and the sleeves should be a quarter or half-inch shorter than the shirt’s sleeves to allow a bit of show off for the shirt’s cuff.   


The lapel of wedding suits can add to your fashion statement. So, the choice of lapel for your tuxedo or suit is a vital consideration. A wider lapel lends a more old-school look, while a slimmer one has more of a modern touch. You can pull off a suit with a wider lapel with better ease if you have a large stature. 

You need to have a notch lapel if you have opted for a slim-fitted single-breasted wedding suit. A peak lapel can also look good on both single- and double-breasted tuxedos or suits, adding elegance.  

Choosing the right wedding suit can become a little overwhelming. So, know your style and consider the above-discussed factors to get your hands on the suit that makes you feel extra special on your wedding day. | Newsphere by AF themes.