October 3, 2023


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5 questions about u part wig and throw on and go wig

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Lumvehair innovatively developed and defined throw on and go wig in spring 2022. This product is almost the most special and hot wig in 2022 so far. Many people will be curious, what kind of charm does throw on and go wigs have? What is the difference between this special wig and the classic u part wig? This article will help you better understand throw on and go wigs through 5 questions.

Which is more affordable Throw on and go wigs or U part wig?

Throw on and go wigs cost between $80 and $150. U part wig might be slightly more expensive than that. But in fact, their prices can be considered more affordable wigs compared to other wigs, such as lace wigs. Of course, if the u part wig you buy is not a pure human hair wig, the price of the u part wig will be cheaper.

Which is easier to install, Throw on and go wigs or U part wig?

Throw on and go wigs are probably the easiest wigs in the world to install. Generally speaking, ordinary people only need ten minutes to complete the installation of TAG wig. If you are a proficient user of wigs, you may only need to spend 3 minutes to complete the installation. Relatively speaking, the installation of u part wig is much more complicated. Whether you use glue installation method or crochet method, the installation of u part wig may take 2~4 hours.

If I like a richer look, which should I choose?

U part wigs have been around for longer and therefore have more styles to choose from. But it should be noted that the hair quality of the u part wig you choose should be close to your own hair quality. Otherwise it will look unnatural after you install u part wig.

Which wig is easier to care for?

Luvme throw on and go wig would be a little easier to care for. Plus, because the throw on and go wig is so easy to install and remove, you can take it off more often for care. For example, you can take your wig off before going to bed every day. This way, your scalp gets to breathe. Your throw on and go wig can also get a break. It’s a very balanced lifestyle that can effectively extend the life of throw on and go wig.

Which wig lasts longer?

The service life of a wig depends on the quality of the hair and the maintenance of the wig. In general, high-quality virgin human hair wigs will have a longer lifespan than synthetic hair wigs. Wigs that are regularly maintained will last longer than wigs that are never maintained. If you buy luvmehair throw on and go wig and u part wig, with proper maintenance, they will last about 1-2 years.

How to maintain a throw on and go wigs?

1. Soak the wig in warm water and add shampoo.

2. Gently rub the wig and wash the wig deeply. At this point, you can use a wide-tooth comb to throw on and go wig and untangle tangles

3. Drain the dirty water. Add fresh lukewarm water and re-wash the wig once.

4. Add the conditioner to warm water and let the wig soak in the conditioner. Let the wig fully absorb the nutrients in the conditioner.

5. Pour off the warm water with conditioner and rinse again with fresh warm water.

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