February 24, 2024


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5 Things I Love About Sterling Silver Jewellery

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If you love to wear jewellery whether simply for itself or to accessorize then you need to know the 5 reasons why I love sterling silver jewellery and why you should love it too. I’ve listed below my reasons. I’m sure you will agree and possibly be able to think of more of your own.

1) I love sterling silver jewellery because it is timeless and has outlasted fads and fashions. Consider hoop earrings, these can be spotted being worn by fashion conscious teenagers and also by ladies of more advanced years who have treasured pieces kept over a long period of time because they always look great. Invest in a piece you like and I guarantee you’ll never get bored with it and you’ll never be behind the times.

2) I love sterling silver jewellery because it is inexpensive especially in comparison to the likes of platinum and gold. You can acquire so many more pieces for your money that you don’t have to decide between earrings or a bangle but you can have both and the matching pendant too! This great value for money allows you to build a collection of jewellery for every occasion meaning you are never short of choice and can always have the perfect accessory for that special occasion.

3) I love sterling silver jewellery because it is so easy to care for. Yes it is delicate and should be looked after but nothing too time consuming or difficult. If it gets wet, dry it as soon as possible, put your jewellery on after your deodorant, perfume and makeup to keep it away from chemicals and when not wearing your pieces wipe them with a soft cloth and store in a suitable box. What could be easier? For tarnished pieces silver cleaning cloths and solutions are easy to come by in your local high street.

4) I love sterling silver jewellery because it makes a wonderful gift and I love to give it as a present. Once again equally suitable for young and old there are an endless supply of options to suit every budget and occasion. With the advent of internet shopping you can browse many suppliers at your leisure, as long as you find a good internet store that is easy to navigate and offers secure payment and a returns policy you can shop around at your convenience to make the most of the competition on the World Wide Web.

5) I love sterling silver jewellery because it offers so many options in size and look. Silver is such an easy material to work with that it can be used to make many many different pieces. There is the simple silver band or bangle or the ornate evening wear necklace, from small stud earrings to drop encrusted ones with stones. In fact the choice can sometimes be almost overwhelming.

So, why do I love sterling silver jewellery? Five reasons. It’s timeless and transcends fashion; it’s affordable; easy to care for; is great to give as a gift and allows me to have unlimited options in the look I choose.

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