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Advantages and Disadvantages of Perfume Testers

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A perfume tester is a form in which a particular fragrance or cologne is sold without the fancy retail trademark packaging box. These testers tend to come in a plain ordinary white or cardboard box or in some situations not in a box at all. A number of perfume manufacturers have gone even a further step in reducing production costs by administering their tester products not only unboxed but also without caps. A cap is the decorative top of the perfume bottle that can be simple to ornate depending on the fragrance. Caps are not the same as the spray nozzles that all spray fragrances are equipped with. Keep in mind that splash fragrances or aftershave do not have a spray nozzle.

Testers can come in several different ways:

  1. Boxed with a cap
  2. Boxed without a cap
  3. Unboxed with a cap
  4. Unboxed without a cap

No matter which version of packaging the fragrance is sold in, testers usually come in the same style bottle as the original fragrance. In the majority of cases, perfume tester bottles are produced specifically by the manufacturer for that purpose and are not intended to make it to the department store shelves. Perfume testers will contain the full amount and quality of the original fragrance found in packaged boxes and will be unused and direct from the manufacturer.

Perfume manufactured by leading fashion brand names can be more expensive than some of our personal wardrobe pieces. Knowing that there is an alternative to buying a huge vial at full price is appealing to many women. Not only does this allow us to ‘sample’ the fragrance prior to paying full price for it, it also ensures that we are not stuck with a full price bottle of perfume that we may not like after getting it home.

Caution should be taken when ‘bargain’ hunting for discount perfume. Counterfeit and spoiled bottles of perfume have been reported to have been sold on some of the more popular online websites. Purchasing these bargain fragrances in larger bottles may save you money in the long run but the perfume may lose its effectiveness if not used within a certain period of time.

If the packaging of the perfume does not matter to you, then purchasing a perfume tester can be very cost effective. Many testers make great gifts for those women who love their designer fragrances without the added packaging expense.

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