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Angel Perfumes Compared – Thierry Mugler And Victoria’s Secret Collections

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There are many different perfumes with the word Angel in their name and several of the favorites include: Angel Perfume, Angel Innocent Perfume, Angel Violet Perfume all by Thierry Mugler, Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Desire Perfume, and Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Halo Perfume both by Victoria’s Secret just to name a few.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel perfumes

Designed in 1992 by Thierry Mugler, Angel perfume is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. The fragrance explores essences of honey, chocolate, and caramel. It is blended with hints of vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood. When the design house came up with the Angel blend of perfume they were pleased with the refreshing, oriental, and woody blend. It was also very feminine. Vanilla sandalwood was blended with patchouli and fruity hints of melon, peaches, plums, and citrus. Today, discount Angel perfume for women remains one of the better perfumes on the market today.

The bottling of Angel perfume is in a star shaped bottle with a blue box. The star shape is a celestial reference to the stars.

Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler is also considered to be a very romantic perfume which is why it is perfect to wear out in the evenings also. When Thierry Mugler designed Angel perfume he believed that all women should smell as wonderful as this scent. Although, everyone has different tastes when it comes to perfumes, you will find it is definitely money well spent. If you decide it is not the right scent for you, it is guaranteed you will have a very happy friend or family member who will absolutely love it.

You can buy discounted Angel perfume for women in a larger bottle than most of the more expensive perfumes. This means you are getting twice the amount of perfume for a lesser price. The price is affordable not because of the quality but because of the belief that all women should be able to smell so heavenly without having to pay a fortune for it.

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Perfumes

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Desire perfume is offered in a 4.2 oz bottle. Women love the scent of this perfume because it gives off top notes of white star magnolia, living white freesia, and ivy leaves. It also has the scents of a heart of frangipani, pink peony mist, yellow plum, with a base of Angelique wood.

The Dream Angel Perfumes by Victoria’s Secret are some of the best selling perfumes on the market for a reason.

A big benefit for all the Angel perfumes is that these fragrances last throughout the day. This way you don’t have to worry about your perfume wearing off within a couple of hours. You won’t find yourself having to take a bottle with you to work in your purse because the scent will stay with you all day long and not wear off. You also won’t find yourself having to douse yourself with the perfume using large amounts to ensure it stays with you all day. You will only need a normal amount of perfume to last you throughout the day.

You may find an increased urge to buy Angel perfume for women by Thierry Mugler and make that your new favorite fragrance. (Note: There is an angel perfume for men as well). The hint of sweetness to the fragrance allows the perfume to hold the heavenly scent. People are drawn to it and they will be drawn to you when you are wearing it.

My conclusion; It is a close call but I believe, Cupid would endorse Thierry Mugler’s Angel collection of fragrances because they make women smell so heavenly.

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