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Before You Get Your Eyebrows Shaped for the First Time, Here’s What You Should Know  

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First Time Getting Your Eyebrows Shaped? Here's What You Need to Know - theFashionSpot

The perfect brows are here, and you’ll never believe where they’re hiding. Yes, that’s right, they’re hiding under the tiny scissors, tweezers, and cans of high-end brow products that your pro will be using to create your perfect look.  

Although many of the things one does to treat the brows might seem harmless, and sure, plucking or waxing can be painful (ahem, threading!), many things can go wrong, too. 

That’s one reason you’ll likely want to go to a professional first. Before that, you should probably educate yourself on what to expect from the experience to be prepared. You can achieve this by enrolling in an online brow course or reading blogs.  

Read on for everything you need to know before getting your brows done for the first time!  

Understand What’s Going on with Your Brows 

Do you want your brows completely reshaped or just tidied up? Do you have to clean them every three days because they overgrow? Have you over-threaded and are looking for a way to gain back?  

Or do you want to understand how to properly care for and nourish your brows for optimum allure? Each of these elements will have an impact on the expert you visit. Considering your beauty requirements in advance will help you acquire precisely what you want. 

Is it Best to Thread, Pluck, or Wax?  

Examine your requirements once again. Expert tweezing is highly accurate, but it can be painful, and you’ll have to return every two to three weeks to maintain it. 

Threading is swift and comparatively painless, but it has the maximum danger of going awry because it removes numerous strands all at once. 

Waxing will last the longest, up to a month or maybe more than that, and is ideal for people who have a lot of eyebrow hair, but it aches and may not be suitable for individuals with hypersensitive skin. 

Make Time for Research 

Examine your eyebrows and how they relate to your facial features. Before your visit, experiment with numerous brow shapes to see how you appear.  

Understand that you can have your eyebrows thinned or arched, but it’s pretty difficult to reverse the process. 

Make Preparations 

You’ve decided on a brow hair extraction technique, found a fantastic salon, and scheduled an appointment. Now, follow these simple procedures to be ready for B-day, which stands for “brow day.”  

Stop trimming or plucking your brows the week before your visit, and leave them to grow wild! Take any standard muscle relaxant two to three hours before your visit, ideally one that also lowers inflammation.  

Wash your face an hour before. Ensure your skin is free of makeup, dust, and grime. You’re now ready to go!  

Be Extremely Clear About What You’re Expecting 

While getting your brows shaped, you should be very clear about what you want. Say so if you’d like your brows tidied up a little. If you want them completely altered, inform the beautician about it and keep inspecting the form as you get further.  

Eyebrows are slow to regrow, so talking openly when in a session will save you a lot of tears later. 


Brow maintenance can be complex, especially if you’re new to it. You can prevent a few typical brow blunders by undergoing beautician training at a professional salon or taking an online brow course

For the most part, it’s just a matter of taking care of them properly to ensure they stay looking great. It would be best to keep in mind some things before getting your brows shaped by a professional for the first time.  

With the knowledge shared in this post, you’re sure to get your eyebrows looking beautiful. So, start planning on visiting the salon and getting those eyebrows perfectly groomed!

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