June 10, 2023


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Buy Eco-friendly Incontinence Pants With These Tips

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Reusable Incontinence Pads & Pants Bundle | Eco-friendly

Women are built differently. Biologically and anatomically speaking, a female’s urethra and pelvic muscles are different from their male counterparts. Moreover, physiological events unique to the ladies like child-bearing and birth and menopause eventually weaken these structures and can lead to incontinence. 

The condition is quite common in females and can be treated with medications, exercises, and regimens. Meanwhile, you may use incontinence pants for women for symptoms like light leaks and urgency to urinate. As more options and products become available in the market today, knowing which one would be best for you is imperative.

Get Maximum Absorbent Products

Quality incontinence products can significantly help overcome the stigma and regain the patient’s confidence. It is essential to factor in the severity and amount of leakage and the individual’s capacity to go to the bathroom on their own in choosing a product. Nevertheless, getting the maximum absorbent pad or pants appropriate for the condition is ideal.

Adult pads and pull-up pants have the same hydrophobic technology as those for infants in that it keeps you dry by pulling the liquid away from the surface of the skin. In addition, products with 4D core locks and Dri-Lock technology help contain the urine in place as it turns it into a gel. 

These commodities are beneficial for overnight protection for a restful sleep.

In addition, it is crucial to know how these products were manufactured. For example, it is ideal to choose pants made from dermatologically-safe cotton fabric and stay away from skin-irritating silk-made underpants. Latex or rubber, in addition, can cause rashes and skin infections from prolonged use. 

Try Reusable Products

There are environment-friendly, washable incontinence pants for women that you can try in the market today. They are economical and cost-effective as you can reuse them multiple times rather than disposing of them immediately after use. These products also offer maximum discretion as they look and feel like regular underwear. 

These commodities help you save money in the long run while letting you get back to your regular routines. Moreover, reusable products require extra care to maintain their quality and durability. For example, you need to spin these pants at a high temperature of below 70°C or 158°F in the washing machine after rinsing them first for a complete wash. 

Nevertheless, incontinence pads and pants are the most common and the top go-to products for females experiencing light leaks. They don’t irritate your skin as long as you quickly replace it as they become soiled and full. Furthermore, you can access these commodities easily and even online. 

Pick the Correct Size

Correct measurement and sizing of products are crucial in giving optimal fit and care to the individual, no matter their kind and level of incontinence. Using a tape measure, you must get the sizes around your waist and hips. The pants must also fit the leg area or openings snugly. 

The fitting incontinence pants must securely attach to the groin area. It should fit securely around your waist and won’t produce a gap in the back of your pants. The product may be too large for you if it does this, increasing discomfort and leakage risk.

A more oversized pants may offer more protection, but it doesn’t provide more absorbability. Also, too loosely-appearing pants, especially in the leg area, are hard to conceal and affect your confidence while out in public. On the other hand, pants too small for you are uncomfortable and will chafe and damage your skin. 

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