May 18, 2024


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Buying Guide for Scrub Tops

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Ultimate Guide to Scrub Sets: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Whatever your reasons for purchasing scrubs, you should keep a few things in mind. If you wear a uniform, make sure it’s the proper fit for your physique and has a suitable fabric. 

Expensive or Cheap? 

Price is the factor most people look at while purchasing scrub tops. The price is heavily influenced by the quality of the cloth and the degree of difficulty of the cutting. As a general rule, if you’re willing to spend more, you’ll obtain a better-quality uniform that lasts longer than cheaper options. 

Trendy or Traditional? 

Ultimately, this decision is up to you. It’s nothing new for people to wear the same scrubs to work every day, likely knowing they’ll get soiled. Nurses who spend time one-on-one with patients may like to wear more fashionable attire that reflects their individuality. 


V-neck, circular, square, and mock wrap are the most common necklines in scrub fashion. As your physique, height, or face shape change over time, so may the necklines that work best for you. Determine what looks well on you without exposing too much skin. 


Nurses, in particular, require a lot of storage space because they are constantly on the road. With the correct location of a pocket, you can make or break your day at the office. Chest pockets are great places to keep pens and cell phones if you’re cautious not to lean over. Patch compartments on the waistband are a great way to keep your essentials safe from spills. Moreover, scrub tops without pockets are another option if you want a more seamless appearance. 

Cutouts on the Sides 

The bottom of the scrub top should have a small amount of wiggle room so that you can move freely and avoid stress fraying. Shorter tops featuring side slits may expose you somewhere at the waist, so be aware. You can wear high-waisted slacks and long-sleeved tops. 

What Colour Scheme Do You Prefer? 

Uniform colour codes can be found in several establishments. Find out what colours work best with your skin tone or body type before going ahead to get the scrubs. Those with small frames can pull off bright, eye-catching hues like yellow or red. Larger structures benefit from darker colours since they can hide unsightly regions. A wide variety of colours is available to suit any mood or season. 

Prints or Solids? 

Solids are enjoyable to experiment with since you can mix different colours based on your mood, the season, and even your favourite sports teams. It’s simple to pair a printed top with a solid bottom. They’re available in various themes, from cancer awareness to flowers to your favourite cartoon characters. 

Do you like a loose fit or a tight one? 

Most scrubs are made to be loose-fitting. The first time you wash them, they may shrink a little, depending on the fabric. Scrubs that are worn loosely allow you to move more freely and hide problematic areas. Your body type will be enhanced, and your physical attributes will be highlighted if you wear scrubs that are well suited. They shouldn’t be so tight as they ride up or hinder your movement, but they shouldn’t be loose either. 

It’s essential to have the correct scrubs, especially when putting in a long shift. It’s critical to know your body shape and the colours and fabrics that work best for you before buying scrubs. | Newsphere by AF themes.