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Choosing the Right Size When Shopping in an Online Danish Clothing Store

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I think almost everyone that orders products online fears one thing—not getting exactly what they ordered. There is a reason for the meme trend “what I ordered versus what I got”.

Your order can be gotten wrong at any point from the moment it was made to when it gets to your doorstep. It could even be a fault of yours like when you choose an incorrect size for the clothes you want to buy. Know rights when shopping online in Denmark regardless of the situation.

This guide will help you avoid the mistake of selecting the wrong sizes when buying wear from Danish online shops that sell clothes. I made some tips after getting relevant information from ReviewsBird. Without further ado, let us get on with the five tips I have for you.

How To Choose the Right Size for Clothes You Buy on Danish Online Stores

The following tips will save you from having to return clothes because of a fault of your own related to picking the incorrect size:

  • Take the Right Measurements

Go to your local stylist or tailor to have your measurements taken and get advice on the sizes to put for the clothes you order. The measurements should cover your waist, inseam, bust, and hips. Ensure that a soft tape measure is used. You can even handle the measurement DIY style. The tape is not expensive and you will be able to take your measurements on your own regularly to keep track of size changes.

Remember to put what you are wearing into consideration. It may be best to measure yourself with only your undergarments on, depending on the type of clothes you want. Accuracy will be enhanced this way. 

  • Consider the Body Size of the Model in the Product Image

Some online Danish clothing stores provide model stats to aid shoppers in their size selection. Such information is also useful to have an idea of how the outfit will look on your body. But do not put your total trust in the pictures.

  • Make Use of a Size Guide

The title of this tip is self-explanatory. Do not be confident just because you know your exact body measurements. It is always necessary to look at a size guide when shopping for clothes online, especially that of the shop.

  • Check the Site’s Customer Reviews

The reviews for the product you want to order may save you from an unfortunate delivery. Look out for negative reviews from people that claimed to have gotten the wrong sizes. Avoid such a product or store if there are too many reviews related to such an issue.

  • Put the Materials Used for the Clothes into Consideration

Some clothes will stretch over time from use if they are tight but elastic. Certain materials are difficult for tailors to adjust. Take these factors into consideration to understand the risks involved in ordering clothes.

You will not find it difficult to select the right size anymore when you order clothes online. But that does not mean that a mistake cannot be made at any point from the activation of your order to the delivery of your item. Even the big international eCommerce stores that ship to most countries are not immune to such mishaps.

You can turn an unlucky situation into a fun moment by posting your very own “what I ordered vs. what I got” meme online. It is advisable to order from stores that accept returns. And consider being loyal to a seller that has not disappointed in terms of size.

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