September 23, 2023


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Don’t Get Taken: Spot the Phony Christian Dior Handbags

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Christian Dior is made with superior craftsmanship and quality materials. For this reason they are always in high demand and low supply. And the counterfeiters love it. CD is one of the most heavily faked products in the fashion industry. But the fakers always lack the detail. They always leave a clue behind for the buyer to pick up on before getting scammed. Some of those clues come from the smaller hardware details.

Zippers: Other than the famous CD Girly handbags, Dior uses Lampo zippers on their handbags. Always check the zippers in the handbag for the Lampo logo. Sometimes you may have to dig in and pull the zipper upside down and check the underside of the zipper. Beware: Some fakes also use Lampo zippers, but if they are faked lampo zippers, they will generally not be of the same quality and detail as an authentic Lampo zipper. Meaning the logo might be cheaply etched into the zipper, off-center or an incorrect font or logo style.

Zipper pull: The zipper pull is attached to the zipper. This is the mechanism that is used to pull open the zipper, and this feature usually has the handbags designer logo stamped somewhere on it. In Dior’s case, on regular and double saddle bags, they use a metal “CD” zipper pull. The “C” and the “D” should be connected, but with no gaps between the letters. Many fakes have a zipper pull that has the correct CD, but between the letters is an indention, or a small gap in the metal. This is wrong. An authentic zipper pull will have a smooth flat top and bottom, with no indention or gaps.

This is not a complete guide to everything Dior, but these tips will help you weed out many of the fake handbags in the open market. Good luck and safe shopping!

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