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Enjoying the Natural Beauty of Mauritius

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Most tourists come to Mauritius for holidays. To able to enjoy the holiday at its maximum, various things can be done in Mauritius. One could head up to Grand Bay where a numerous of activities are readily accessible for tourists. Water sports such as swimming, parasailing, scuba diving, windsurfing and waterskiing among others are available. For those who do not want to dive, submarine ventures are a sensational thing to try. Grand Bay is considered as one of the most fun to go places in Mauritius. Filled with restaurants, pubs, night clubs and shopping arenas, every ingredient is present to offer some unforgettable moments.

Discovering Mauritius is the prime target of any tourist who has made the trip for the first time. So why not try to climb ‘Le Pouce’ mountain. The mountain is relatively easy to climb and is around 812 m high. Once on top, one will be able to discover a full view of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. If one is trying to see more of the natural beauty of Mauritius, touring the Moka Mountains could be a suitable thing to do. The tour can be made through the Domaine les Pailles nature park by bikes, horses or appropriate 4 wheel vehicles. The Domaine les Pailles is a relatively big nature park with around 1,500 hectares of land. Many tourists who come to Mauritius go to visit its Rum distillery or sugar mill or even go to eat in one of its restaurants.

Furthermore, one could also go hiking into the Black River Gorges situated in the Black River district of Mauritius. The Gorge is also a nature park and measures around 6,794 hectares. The place is one of the most famous areas to go hiking in Mauritius. The Black River Gorges is as well the home for many rare plants and birds. Therefore, it is protected by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation has made a remarkable work for protecting endangered species of plants and animals and is recognized at international level. Additionally, wildlife is carefully preserved in Mauritius. A concrete example is the La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes also known by most locals as Crocodile Park. The Reserve is situated in the south east of Mauritius and is the breeding place for thousands of crocodiles and tortoises. This Nature Reserve is the only place in the world to breed aldabra tortoises, an endangered specimen of tortoises.

Moreover, La Vanille Reserve des Mascareignes has also become an ideal place for the raising and exporting of monkeys. Mauritius is probably the only island in the Indian Ocean to do such a task. On the other hand, at its restaurant one would be able to taste crocodile gourmets. Similarly, its shop may unveil crocodile goods such as belts and bags. Since already in the south east, one would love to visit the Rochester Falls. Rochester Falls is a waterfall situated near Souillac village. The structure of this waterfall is unique as the water slides on rocks resembling hand made sculptures to fall into the natural pool below. Many locals dive from the top of the waterfall into the deep water beneath. Meanwhile many tourists profit from the immense occasion of swimming while others take pictures of the wonderful scenes that nature has to offer.

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