May 18, 2024


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Everything You Need to Know About Jibbitz Pour Crocs

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Jibbitz pours crocs are little accessories that can be placed on the straps of your crocs. You can put almost anything on there, giving your shoes an entirely new look. However, not everything will look right on these tiny little charms, so it’s important to know what you can and cannot do with jibbitz pour crocs before trying them out.

Jibbitz pours crocs are an alternative to traditional Crocs shoe accessories, and they add personality to your everyday footwear options. Whether you’re looking to add more flair or prevent your Crocs from getting lost in the sea of other people’s, Crocs jibbitz pour crocs might be the right option for you. 

Why are jibbitz so popular?

What’s excellent about jibbitz is that they can be used on just about any footwear. You may want to consider investing in some kibbutz up your daily shoe. Whether you’re looking for new footwear or need a reason to upgrade your current outfit, adding jibbitz may be one of the best ways to spice up an otherwise dull outfit.

 Think about all of your favorite celebrities who’ve been spotted rocking these fabulous accessories, between Rihanna and Lady Gaga flaunting these colorful gems on their feet. Even some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have hopped on board with kibbitz.

Where Can I Buy Jibbitz?

Jibbitz can be purchased online directly from Crocs. They do not ship internationally, but they do accept international credit cards. Alternatively, you can also purchase them in-store. If you buy jibbitz at a retail store, they will not come with packaging, so it is not necessary to transport them in your croc box. 

 Since you’re shopping online, all purchases will come with free shipping. On average, customers take about five days to process their order before it’s shipped. Most stores will carry them if you’re buying jibbitz from a retail store. Even if they don’t have any in stock when you visit, they can always call other nearby stores and have them hold some for you.

Which Store Has The Best Selection?

Finding which store has your desired pair of crocs is essential. Jibbitz can be used in all styles and colors of crocs, although they won’t look as good on specific colored teams as they will on others. The bright pink pair that was a hit last summer would look out of place with bright green jibbitz. Black shoes are best paired with black jibbitz and so on.

With a wide selection of jibbitz for different styles and colors, we suggest calling an individual store before shopping. Each store is unique in its offerings, so it’s best to get specific information on what they have available. This way, you won’t waste your time looking at shoes that don’t offer any variety in jibbitz.


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