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Face Makeup – Looking Pretty and Good

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Face Makeup – Looking Pretty and Good

Every woman nowadays knows that wearing good face makeup can improve her looks radically. Skin imperfections can be hidden, best face features highlighted and the overall result can easily transform you from an average girl next door into a beautiful diva.

These days, cosmetic industry is blossoming, introducing new face makeup products almost every day. Many brands and a whole variety of products are at your disposal, to help you enchant your beauty, and nourish your skin along the way. It is important to say that a cosmetic is not something you should save your money on. It is applied directly on your skin, and therefore affects your looks and you should know that price should not be the breaking point in this case.

Beauty comes from inside, we all know that. No product can put a smile on a sad face. But once you decide to work on self-improvement you must admit that you will want to look your best.

Facial makeup has been used since the ancient days, and many things we use today have been historically developed since the ancient Greece, but in a very similar form as the one we know today – lipstick for instance.

When using cosmetics, women must know that the idea is to hide, not to point out, the imperfections. And that is exactly what happens if you are not very good in putting the makeup on. Ladies sometime overdo, and look even more tired, older, and dull skinned than without makeup, and that is a big problem.

Having said that one of the main reasons for wearing face makeup is to conceal the skin imperfections such as acne marks, zits, under eye puffiness and circles, the other main reason for using makeup is also to point out the best looking features on you, such as beautiful eyes, perfect lips, nice face and etc.

Another important face makeup tip is that one should always apply cosmetic products in a certain order, and never wear it too much. You should be aware of the time and place you are going to, or part of the day when you are going out. It is unacceptable to look like you are ready for clubbing at 10 in the morning, or to look like a rock star on business meeting. Remember, in this case, less is often more.

How to apply face makeup? First step is usually putting on the foundation. Be sure to apply it equally on the face, and even on the neck, if it is exposed. It looks repelling to see a woman whose face is tanned and neck is white or vice versa. Foundation must match your natural skin tone perfectly.

Blush in a natural colour will give you a healthy glow and a natural look. Shades that never go out of style are pale pink and bronze shades (especially in the summer time). For eyes makeup, you can highlight them with eye-shadow, pencil or liner, and mascara. Always leave the inner angle lighter and go dark on the outer part. Lips must be matching with the rest of colour palette. Remember, don`t look over-done, it looks messy and unappealing. After all, face makeup should help you to improve your looks. Never to show the imperfections.

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