June 2, 2023


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Get Ready for a Miami Holiday: Choose the Best Eyelash Extension

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Are you looking for the perfect eyelash extension to match your Miami holiday? It’s important to find an eyelash extension that is not only beautiful but also suitable for both day and night events in Florida. We’ve put together a guide on how to choose the best eyelash extensions for a holiday in Miami, so read on!

Choose Mink Lashes

When it comes to choosing eyelash extensions for your Miami Holiday, nothing compares to mink lashes. Not only are they incredibly soft and light-weight, but the natural curls give them the perfect amount of glamour for days at the beach or entering trendy lounges at night.

Opt for Longer Lashes

In Miami, longer lashes are often associated with beauty and glamour. When picking out your lash extension, opt for a style that will provide thickness and length as it better frames your face and draws more attention to your eye makeup.

Research Lash Salons Ahead of Time

Don’t leave planning until the last minute! Before you head out on holiday do some research ahead of time so you can have enough information on the type of lash salon you’ll choose when you land in Florida. Make sure they use premium synthetic or mink lashes and have top designers who can create dramatic looks which match perfectly with different occasions during your holiday.

Keep Your Extension Hygienic

Before getting an eyelash extension, make sure your lash specialists adhere by proper sanitation protocols such as cleaning their tools between customers with medical grade alcohol. This will prevent any contamination from previous clients’ eyeshadows or mascaras that could irritate yours during your holiday stay in Miami. Also look into options like masking up before receiving treatment if possible in order to maintain hygiene throughout the process more effectively.

Have Fun with Color

Take advantage of being on holiday and experiment with colors other than black! Bold colors such as pink or blue can add something special to your look that will bring out all-new shades of confidence—perfect every night spent partying in South Beach!

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