June 22, 2024


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Girls’ wear – The Necessaire to Look Chic

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The coronavirus pandemic significantly transformed how people work, meet, holiday, and view things. As a result, the approach to how people wear also experienced this transformation. If you’ve been online shopping for girls dresses and other outfits, you may have realized several changes to the fashion approach this year.

But there is one key takeaway from all of this – this period allowed us to assess what is required in our closets and what should go. This article will outline four wardrobe resolutions to help you look chic throughout the year and beyond.

1. Don’t buy an item for a single occasion

When going to a special occasion – like a birthday party, a wedding, or a Friday night reunion dinner – we inevitably feel like we must have something new or special. More often than not, regardless of how much we adore the piece, it seldom gets more than a single outing.

Rather than buying specific pieces for specific occasions, try to include dressier, versatile pieces in your closet. If you opt for a simple yet classic piece instead of a trend-influenced one, you can wear it to more occasions again and again. What’s more, the look can never feel the same if you pair it with the right accessories.

2. Don’t buy items that don’t fit

It’s common to hold on to a particular item hoping it might fit you again someday. It’s also common to purchase an extremely small or large piece because it’s on offer and they don’t have your preferred size. Holding on to these pieces can become a mistake if you’re trying to declutter your wardrobe and dress chic.

When you purchase an item, it’s good to be honest and realistic with yourself. If the item doesn’t fit you, it’s time to get rid of it – by donating or selling them.

3. Swap clothes with your stylish friends

Swapping clothes with your friends is an effective way to keep a fresh closet and look chic. Here, you can decide to get rid of a fashion piece you haven’t worn in a long time and trade it for an item your stylish friend has grown bored of – but you’ve been eyeing.

You can swap clothes with your friends in multiple ways – you can exchange girls dresses with a single friend or host a cloth-swapping party with a big group. Trading clothes is a great way to look chic without spending a large chunk of money or damaging the environment further.

4. Explore new brands

The reason why people get stuck in style ruts is that they get attached to specific brands. It’s great having your trusted brands, but there are many emerging brands in the market waiting to be explored. From cost-efficient mid-range brands to high-end designer brands, you can exploit myriads of brands and identify your special, chic style that no one else has.

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