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Hair Extension – Different Types Of Artificial Hair

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Extensions are prepared using synthetic or real hair. These artificial hairs are either woven, or glued, or clipped to your natural hair. The extensions are available in a number of shapes, styles, colors and sizes. You just need to select the right kind of extension suiting style and other requirements. These hair extensions are used to make your hair appear bigger than the normal. The synthetic or human hair can be attached with your hair giving it a look of natural hair on your head. A large number of superstars get these extensions in order to complement their movie roles. These extensions can be used to increase the length of your hair, add colorful highlights to your hair or thicken your hair.

There are various kinds of extensions available in the market and you can find the one suiting your requirements. Stated below are some of the commonly used accessories.

1. Hair Weaving
It is a 2 part process in which firstly the stylist weaves some threads into your hair using the below sections so that the work is not visible. Then these threads are used as a base to attach the extension.

2. Bonding
These extensions use glue or other chemicals to attach the hair to your scalp. Glue is used to attach these hairs strand wise to your scalp. Strong protein bond can be used to attach new hair to your scalp. The temperature is kept low in order to avoid any harm to your scalp. Before going for the glue based extensions do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the material they use, their prices and any other queries of yours.

3. Clip Extensions
These are the easiest and the most commonly used extensions. They are also available at affordable prices. You should always visit professional stylists in order to get suitable clip-ons. These clip extensions are clipped to your natural hair. The color and texture of these extensions should be matched with your hair. Local cosmetic retail stores sell these extensions at affordable rates.

4. Glue Free Extensions
These are the most modern forms of extensions that are attached to your hair using micro cylinders. These take a little time while being attached but are totally safe. Moreover they can be easily removed by your stylist.

There are many other types of hair extensions but the above mentioned are the most popular ones. You can choose from among these extensions in order to change your outlook as per your requirements.

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