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Handbag Care Tips – How to Care For Your Handbags

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Handbag Care Tips – How to Care For Your Handbags

Women love to shop for handbags and purses. And most of the time, they buy those designer purses which are really expensive and sometimes cost as much as their one month salary. Because of this, they have to know proper handbag care tips because they spent a lot of money for the designer purse. If you are one of these women, you need to read the following tips on how to take care of your purse properly.

* Purses are usually small so you need to put only small things inside them. Do not try to squeeze in your 600-page history textbook or your pair of sandals inside them. It is true that women can do magic when it comes to putting big and many objects inside a small bag. But do not do this to your purse, especially if it is expensive. You can put your cell phone, tissue, make up, and comb but no big objects, please.

* Do not put something in your purse that can cause stains or markings to it. For instance, do not put pens inside your purse because they can cause ink stains which are usually permanent. Sometimes ink stains from the inside affect the outside part of the purse. And if this happens, your designer bag will go to waste, unless you want to use a stained purse that looks as if it has a map drawn on it.

* If you are planning to carry around cosmetics and you will use your designer purse, make sure that the cosmetic products, especially the messy ones like lipsticks, mascara, and nail polish, are placed inside a small zip lock bag. Avoid having loose or compact powder in your purse because it causes powder marks which look unattractive.

* Designer purses are made of quality materials, from the zipper to the bag itself. You should not clean your designer purse the way you clean your ordinary bag. Quality materials like the ones used in authentic designer purses require special care. Do not just use detergent soap and a sponge to clean your purse, or worse, throw it in the washing machine. Read the care instructions which you can usually find on the label or tag. Follow the instructions to a tee to avoid damages and to keep the quality of your designer purse for a long time.

If you follow these handbag care tips, you can be sure that your purse will still look brand new even after years of using it.

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