June 22, 2024


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How to Seduce a Woman By Flirting

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If you are new to the game of seduction or if you are someone who fails tremendously when trying to seduce a woman, then you are a person who surely doesn’t understand the power of seduction techniques. Just to make it easier for you, I am going to tell you how to seduce women using flirting. Read the following to know better and be better at the game of seduction.

First off, if you need to flirt, you would have to ensure that you are dressed well and that you always smell great! You can’t afford to smell like a bum and expect women to be seduced by you. Every time you step out of your house, you will have to make certain that you have showered well and shaved and top it off with one of the best lines of perfumes available. These days you also get perfumes that are designed to make women want you. They are called hormone triggering perfumes and you would easily find it across the counter or even at a chemist.

Next, you will have to be really good with your confidence. Flirting through seduction can take place only if you are confident and ooze truck loads of it. If you think you lack in this particular area, then it is time that you practiced well. Always make it a point that on certain days when you’re confidence is not feeling up to the mark, then avoid going out on your hunt. Just stay indoors and practice well until you master it again. If there is one thing that turns women off, then it surely is a guy who is faking confidence at most times.

You will also have to learn about the power of eye contact. Flirting can only begin if you make the right eye contact with her. Don’t be a fool and keep staring at her, because a girl would perceive that to be the sign of a stalker or even worse a perv! So stop staring and make occasional eye contacts with a genuine smile. If you are finding it hard to practice on this particular aspect, then I would advise you to get some new romantic movies and learn how those “accomplished” men make the eye contact and learn a thing or two from them.

Next you will have to get the courage to walk up to the woman and start a conversation. Remember, that no matter how hot you look, women still would like you to come over to them and talk. So make it a point to go over to a woman and have a genuine smile before you start a conversation with her. And before you talk to her, make certain that you are well read and that you keep yourself abreast on all current affairs. Trust me you do not want a woman to tag you as “dunce” with the choice of your topic. Now remember these simple tips and make certain that you seduce any woman that you want using flirting.

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