December 4, 2023


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Kimberling City, Mo. restaurant owners face challenges after demolition of strip mall

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Almost a month after heavy rain caused a roof collapse at a Kimberling City shopping center, two restaurant owners explain new challenges faced following demolition.

Owners Jody and Travis Palmer say demolition to the building next door started Friday. They say that work left holes in their roof, among other issues. The destruction left the restaurant temporarily closed.

The owners say they asked the building owner to give prior notice of the demolition, but it began as customers were there. Some customers left or took their food to go because the noise was so bad from the cleanup. Some staff says they have chosen not to come to work because of the ongoing issues. The air conditioning unit has also frozen up because of the humidity. And with the high temperatures this week, they say the problem could only worsen.

“All I want to do is run my business, but they just act like we are a nuisance, and nobody’s helping us,” said restaurant owner Travis Palmer. “It’s getting really frustrating. We’re about to lose everything because of this.

The Palmers say they aren’t sure when they’ll be able to reopen.

The owner of the strip mall released this statement to KY3 News:

Due to significant rain events over the last month and a half, there was a roof collapse at a location adjacent to the Taco Lady restaurant. This act of God was unforeseeable and representatives of the estate were unaware of any roof conditions with the building. After receiving notice of the collapse, my client acted immediately to hire a demolition crew to remove the collapsed structure. Dates of expected demolition were shared with all of the parties, but additional rain delays forced the demolition company to modify its original construction schedule. My client was first advised of the issue with a gap in the roof and alleged black mold this morning. It is acting to remedy that issue as well, but no construction can commence until approved by the city and its structural engineer. Representatives of the estate are doing everything they can to remedy the issue and want nothing more than the Taco Lady to be successful in its present location. Thank you.

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