February 21, 2024


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Learn the Right Order of Applying Makeup to Enhance Your Beauty

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The right makeup can completely transform the way you look by accentuating your desirable features and down-playing the not so desirable ones. Makeup should be considered as an art and should be applied painstakingly instead of just slathering it on. Hence, learn the right order of applying makeup to step out looking gorgeous and beautiful.

The first and often missed step in the order of applying makeup is preparation of the skin to receive makeup. It is necessary to have good skin so that you get a smooth and natural finish when you apply foundation. For this, you need to follow a strict and daily skin routine which includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning and moisturizing.

The next step in the order of applying makeup is the concealer. This is probably the single most important step as it helps to hide all the unwanted blemishes, marks and under eye circles. Remember to dab it in spots and then blend into the skin. Follow this with a foundation of the right shade to match your complexion to leave you looking smooth and radiant yet natural.

Powder your face lightly to absorb all the extra oil and shine and hold the foundation in place. Eyes come next in the order of applying makeup; start with eye shadow followed by liner or kohl and finish off with mascara. The next in line is blush which has to be applied under the apple of your cheeks to get that radiant glow every time you smile.

The last but not least is the right shade of lip pencil and lip color. Outline your lips the way you want them to look and then fill in the color. Blend both the liner and the lipstick so that you are not left with any harsh lines at the outer edge of your lips. Apply gloss to the center of your lips to give you that perfect pout.

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