June 2, 2023


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Let’s make special considerations for pregnant women in public places

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Comment | Judith Hope Kiconco |  I lately passed by High-quality purchasing mall in Naalya shut to the peak shopping several hours to decide up a handful of products on my way residence. The queues ended up increasing more time, purpose staying that out of the quite a few tills, only two had been operating with the relaxation bearing symptoms ’till closed’.

I joined the queue with the a few items I experienced picked, and I couldn’t assistance scanning the two queues as we moved alongside nearing the till. In the subsequent cue was this expecting woman who seemed about 8 months major, carrying bread and a soft drink in her arms.

Forward of her were being two persons with a lot far more products in their trolleys. She did not seem to head the waiting but from the faces, she was generating, I could inform she was not comfortable.  From time to time she shifted her ft uncoordinatedly as if to stabilize herself or reduce tension from just one foot to another.

My heart went out to her since I could simply relate to what she was likely by means of. As a mother and midwife, I could think about the increasing pains she was dealing with acquiring to be on her ft in a crowd for a whilst.

Producing searching straightforward and nutritious for everyone

Staying expecting is a wonderful factor but this also arrives with so a lot operate.

A woman’s human body undergoes so much to nurture and maintain an additional human. The physique aches, the morning sickness, spikes in hormones that most occasions raise emotional sensitivity, and other well being implications have to be dealt with by the mother to be. All of these lower the good quality of existence for expecting females contrary to their non-pregnant counterparts as a result the have to have to make special issues for them any time probable.

On my way out, I manufactured certain to specific my fears to the gentleman at the counter at the checkout position. I asked they segregate purchasers with a handful of merchandise from people with comprehensive trolleys, if feasible, to hasten the method of verify out.

I specifically pointed out the want to have specific thought for expecting women in order to make their shopping knowledge much less arduous presented their problem.

I don’t know of so several communal sites that give particular consideration to the vulnerable populations in our communities this kind of as expecting women of all ages, but this is a thing that we all can do if we are acutely aware of it.

Before Shoprite closed business enterprise, I recall browsing their Lugogo branch and they had built provisions for some types of folks such as expecting ladies and the aged.  I was thrilled about this and designed a stage to allow the administration know of their variety consideration.

If you have used Pioneer Simple buses (the Kibaluma buses as they are generally referred to) which traverse Kampala routes of Namugogo, Bweyogerere, Luzira and Kajjansi, you know what I am chatting about.

Whilst these buses have chairs clearly marked for pregnant girls, the bus conductor warns persons that sit on those people selected seats that should a expecting female enter, they would have to relocate or stand and hand more than the seat.

Just like this bus corporation, other assistance vendors can also simply adapt this very best follow. Coupled with unique conscientiousness, we can make public locations far more handy and relaxed for pregnant girls.

My benevolent attraction is to all community assistance provision points to make deliberate initiatives to ease expecting women’s visits to services like banks, supermarkets, hotels that serve buffets, checkpoints, and all the other areas where persons are subjected to queuing up.

This is not to say that pregnant girls are invalids, but those people that have experienced the prospect to knowledge it know it’s not uncomplicated and any modest or large adjustments by other folks to make you comfy, mean a great deal.


Judith Hope Kiconco, Midwife and Public Wellness Specialist





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