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Louis Vuitton History – From 1893-1936

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Louis Vuitton History – From 1893-1936

After the death of old Louis, George introduced LV into the international brand. In 1893, George exhibited the products of Louis Vuitton in Chicago’s World Exposition. Then the brands officially launched in the United States. After that, George devoted all his energy to improving the brand’s international reputation. In 1894, he published the book “Journey”.

In 1896, LV company has launched a branding feature design, this was known as the”monogram canvas”. The style of this canvas design used a lot of symbols and the label of “LV”. Later on, George went to America, traveling in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago and other large cities in order to spread the products of LV.

At the turn of last century – 1900, George was endowed with the power to organize and design the model of “traveling goods and leather goods”in Paris World Exposition. In 1901, LV enterprise officially launched the “steamer bad”, which has a very small space and could be put into the LV luggage.

In 1904, George serves as the Chairman of St. Louis World Exposition. At the same year, Louis Vuitton introduced a new series of luggage. The inner design added some storage units for people to place perfume, clothing and other items.

In 1914, the LV mansion that was located in the Champs Elysee completed. At that time, it the largest leather selling center in the world. Before the outbreak of the World War 1, LV branch companies have opened continuously in New York, Mumbai, Washington D.C., London, Alexandria, and Buenos Aires and other places.

In 1924, a new bag which named “Keepall”was launched to the public. This bag led the fashion of waterproof of traveling bags. It was only suitable for short trip, for it could hold a small amount of essential items.

In 1931, LV began to introduce the exotic color of design, which including crocodile skin handbags, elephant handbags and so on. These designs were highly praised by people in the colonial exhibition.

In 1932, Louis Company launched “Noe bag”. The main consumer of this bad was champagne brewers who used them for store and save the champagne.

In 1933, the sport series bags of LV came out.

In 1936, George passed away. His death marked the end of Louis Vuitton golden age. George has designed and launched a total number of more than 700 new products, most of the made great success. After the death of George, his son Juston inherited the family business.

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