December 1, 2023


Fashion takes it to the next level.

NBA stylist Courtney Mays elevates Black men and women through fashion

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Menswear expert and athlete stylist Courtney Mays

Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx are putting the spotlight on the diverse journeys of Black women across sports—from the veteran athletes, to up-and-coming stars, coaches, executives and more—in the series, Elle-evate: 100 Influential Black Women in Sports.

Stylist, designer and consultant Courtney Mays is the visionary behind some of the best-dressed players in the NBA. Today—thanks to Mays and the mentors who she credits before her, such as Rachel Johnson, stylist to LeBron James—the convergence of style and sports happens in the tunnels of arenas around the league, game after game.

“I think that Rachel really pioneered the idea that the tunnel could be that five-second runway,” Mays says. Players are no longer arriving with their heads down in sweats or ill-fitting suits; the new NBA player pregame uniform consists of luxury brands, tailored suits and intentionally styled clothing. But it’s not just about showboating or competing for the best-dressed player—the weekly catwalk is to let the world know there is something to say that is stronger and more impactful than any three-point shot or triple double. | Newsphere by AF themes.