November 30, 2023


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Odor like Genshin Effects figures with the latest Primaniacs perfumes

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If you have been questioning how popular Genshin Impact is in Japan, to give you an strategy, it will be the upcoming franchise to get perfumes from the fragrance model Primaniacs. We have noticed other big collection like Demon Slayer and Persona get their Primaniacs perfumes, and the miHoYo motion RPG will get its have established this December in Japan.

Smell like Genshin Impact characters with the latest Primaniacs perfumes

Primaniacs is a well known manufacturer recognised for its collaboration fragrances with numerous anime, manga, and online video activity collection. The collaborations usually feature distinctive fragrances dependent on common people. The Genshin Impact collaboration will aspect 6 people: Aether, Lumine, Kaeya, Diluc, Klee, and Mona.

Sora (Aether)

Sora Aether

The first 1 is “Sora,” which is the Japanese name for the male primary character (“Aether” in English). It’s a new scent with notes of citrus and crystal mint. It also has hints of bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, and other woodsy scents.


Hotaru Lumine

The 2nd is for “Hotaru,” the Japanese name for the woman protagonist (“Lumine” in English). Its scent blends sweet raspberry with spearmint. It also has notes of enthusiasm fruit to add to the sweetness.


Kaeya Genshin Impact characters with the latest Primaniacs perfumes

The third Genshin Impression perfume is primarily based on the Frostwind Swordsman Kaeya. It is a neat scent with notes of lime, eucalyptus, and tarragon. It also has hints of yuzu, narcissus, and floral musk likely on.


Diluc Genshin Impact characters with the latest Primaniacs perfumes

You might’ve predicted some thing spicy for the Pyro character Diluc, but the fourth perfume focuses much more on natural scents like rosemary. The scent is largely herbal but has a subtle sweetness to it with notes of eucalyptus, vervain, and grapes.


Klee perfume

The fifth perfume options a further Pyro character with Klee. The fragrance is centered on the cute and energetic properties of Klee with tons of sweet notes. It has a bunch of fruity notes from pear, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, and much more.


Mona Genshin Impact characters with the latest Primaniacs perfumes

Finally, the sixth Genshin Influence fragrance features the Hydro character, Mona. It blends new and sweet with a combine of lychee and maritime notes. The perfume has citric notes from grapefruit and lemon for the freshness and a contact of pineapple for the sweetness.

Smell like Genshin Impact characters with the latest Primaniacs perfumes

The Genshin Impact perfumes by Primaniacs will launch in Japan on December 2, 2021. They’ll be accessible for 6,600 yen (~$59.94) each and every.

Genshin Impact is accessible to perform on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Computer, and smartphones. There’s nevertheless no phrase about the Nintendo Swap version, but it is nonetheless planned for the console. If you missed it, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn not long ago joined the recreation.

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