February 25, 2024


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Perfume Decants As Objects of Obsession

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There is a very thin line between passion and obsession, and many collectors of perfume decants cross it without even knowing. The ways in which perfume decants can become objects of obsession are themselves numerous. Some of the collectors develop a strong affinity for a particular perfume house, while others grow fond of a certain note. There are even some who admire that much the work of one or more perfumers that they need to own all their creations.

Sadly, owning a vast variety of fragrances is a slow but guaranteed way of breaking the bank. Full bottles can prove to be quite expensive, especially if purchased in great numbers. To avoid such unpleasant situations, people who are prone to becoming addicted to scents are highly recommended to turn their attention to perfume decants, which offer a decent quantity of fragrance at a reasonable price, thus allowing perfume heads to achieve the desired variety.

Scent addicts who fall in love with one or more notes have to go through a lot of perfume decants till they find the perfect bottle. It is not only the intensity of that note that matters the most, but also the way it blends with the other notes. More than that, a perfume also needs to have good projection and longevity in order to make it to the top of the list. Only when the perfect scent has been discovered the perfume heads can switch from perfume decants and samples to full bottles. It is better to follow this path, as finding the best scent is often based on trial and error.

In case the fragrance creator who triggered the obsession does not work as an in-house perfumer for a single company, people will actually be able to have a collection characterized by variety. However, this variety is sometimes relative, as perfumers tend to have a trademark that they include in all of their creations. Furthermore, it is not granted that all of the scents made by a perfumer will be masterpieces. Of course, there are a few who are successful time after time, and following the development of such a perfumer is certainly worth the time. Perfume decants represent an accessible way of doing this without endangering the income. In other words, perfume decants should only be replaced by full bottles if money is not a problem and if variety is not a great concern.

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