October 4, 2023


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Picchiotti makes jewelry even more exciting with new Reversible Xpandable collection

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Picchiotti makes jewelry even more exciting with new Reversible Xpandable collection

One particular of the most perfectly-recognized firms in the jewellery city of Valenza is Picchiotti. Set up 55 many years back, they are recognized all over the world for their stunning jewellery. Past week they introduced their new and somewhat thrilling assortment: the Reversible Xpandable™ collection. 

Picchiotti responded to the expensive wish of quite a few gals who love to use their jewelry much more usually. Their new patent-pending technological know-how lets Picchiotti to produce remarkable pieces that accommodate every single girl (or guy, let’s keep an open head- we see so lots of men putting on parts of jewelry once only believed of for ladies).

Picchiotti is known for its excellence in jewelry building, and they are recognized for making use of magnificent gemstones only. This jewellery model makes use of modern-day know-how to give its classic jewellery creations an remarkable twist. The Xpandable selection caught my eye due to the fact it settled the enormous issue jewelers and jewelry manufacturers confront: dimensions. The Xpandable does precisely what the name suggests, so a ring or bracelet suits practically all people. 

With the new Reversible Xpadable collection, the wearer can now only flip the jewel and have a distinctive look. Day or night time, mix it with your outfit, or simply just playfully wear it as you remember to. With a easy flip, you switch the diamonds on the exterior, have a white stone bracelet or a black gemstone bracelet, and so on.

This kind of flexibility is what people really like. Picchiotti listened perfectly to the market. Their version of customized jewellery is fully in line with their large expectations and vintage twist. 


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