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Shopping and Transport In Lagos

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The city main airport named Murtala Muhammad International Airport entertains the flights to Lagos from national as well as international destinations. The airport is owned and administered by Nigerian Airports Company Limited. Thousands of passengers pass through the terminals of the airport each year, apart from that there are several projects under consideration to raise the passengers figure by growing the airport infrastructure and facilities. Lagos being a main air transportation center in Nigeria has a number of direct flights to various international destinations executing from its international airport. Furthermore, many international branded airlines like Nigerian International Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Emirates, British Airways, Kenya Airways, Arik Air, Alitalia, Ethiopian Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways operate from this airport to run several flights to Lagos from all over the globe.

There are several markets all around Lagos for buying paintings, sculptures, day to day commodities, vegetables market, fish market, departmental stores and many more. Several markets are also situated besides the coast. The shoppers will find mass of stalls and mini shops which sell all types of artisan goods, decorative from all over the Nigeria. You will also locate several wood figures, masquerades, beads, brass arts, leather accessories, fabrics; barrels along with African musical instruments crafted by local skilled artists. Thousands of tourists traveling to Nigeria book their cheap flights to Lagos

Furthermore you may also move to the Alaba market on the western side of the city which is well recognized for both foods and spices buying. Foodstuffs and household items is the specialty of these markets and several other items like fashion accessories like beads, spas, footwear, handbags, and cosmetic products are also easily available and lots of buyers buy several products of their need especially those who travel to Nigeria by their cheap flights to Lagos.

Even if it’s not enough, you may head to Palms shopping center which is a huge shopping compound with abundant stores, shopping sheds, antique stalls, chops bars, restaurants and so on. Additionally, there are many fine sites for arts and culture shopping with several stalls selling arts and crafts works. The visitors, who spend their holiday in Lagos by cheap flight to Lagos frequently stop at the big shopping complex to shop many of the famous and well known items for which the city is famous.

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