May 18, 2024


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Silver Jewellery: How to Do Care?

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Silver is one of the most popular metals in the market. The party perfect designs to daily wear pieces at affordable prices has made silver jewelry the talk of the town. From gorgeous anklets and fashion rings to luxe statement pieces, silver has created a new age of fashion where both shiny and oxidized forms of metal are welcomed with enthusiasm.

As a natural metal, silver reacts with atmospheric elements like air, chemicals, water etc. and becomes tarnished with time showing that your stunning accessory is made of good quality silver. Not to worry! If you want your silver jewelry to always make you look good then it’s time to learn how to take care of it. Silver jewellery just needs a little attention to maintain its glory. Before understanding the process of cleaning tarnished jewelry lets first go through a few tips and tricks that can delay this process of oxidation:

Silver Jewelry care – What to do?

– Wear your silvery jewelry after applying make-up and perfume.
– Don’t forget to remove it when going into a swimming pool, hot water tub or sleeping.
– Store your silver ornaments in a cool, dry place to break its contact with chemicals.
– Carefully wipe your fine jewelry with a soft cloth.
– Avoid using paper towels or tissues for cleaning as they tend to scratch the soft metal.

Silver Jewelry Care – How to clean?

– Minimal amount of discoloration can be removed by cleaning the piece with a soft jewelry cloth.
– Use soapy water mixture (not detergent) and a soft toothbrush to remove the oxidation set over the metal.
– While cleaning, always remember to maintain the antiquity of the piece as more rubbing or scrubbing erodes some amount of silver metal from the jewelry each time.
– Homemade Recipe: Toothpaste powder is also a famous and easy way to keep your silver shining.
– Homemade solution of salt and baking soda (in hot water) simply makes the tarnish slide off your silver ornaments.
– Avoid using rubber gloves during cleaning process as they emit sulphur.

Get your silver jewelry polished at regular intervals to make it look new all the time.

These simple steps can be helpful in delaying the process of tarnishing silver. Such points save time wasted in approaching a jeweller. Instead you can sit home and make yourself as well as your jewellery look beautiful. Also, some Online Jewelry stores provide the benefits of cleaning silver jewellery bought from them and let you avail options like lifetime buyback and exchange where you can get a new piece for the old one. Honestly, silver has been the queen of precious metals and will always be in demand when talking about traditional or modern jewellery trends. Take Care!

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