September 23, 2023


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Sweetly Intriguing is the Brunfelsia Americana (or Lady of the Night)

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The Lady of the Night is definitely an odd plant, perfect for the gardener of botanical curiosities. It isn’t easy to find it in a shop, though certain nurseries and websites market the seeds or baby plants. The reason the Brunfelsia Americana is so extraordinary is its blooming schedule. During daylight hours, the plant has no scent. Just after sunset, however, it will give off a very strong fragrance before closing its petals. Its wonderful smell will last throughout the night, adding a delightful scent that lingers in the memory.

Though local to the West Indies, the Brunfelsia Americana is becoming more and more sought-after in the U.S. every year. The plant’s trademark is its unique scent. It is a sweet and intriguing perfume; sometimes compared to the scent of jasmine, it lingers in the air, offering anyone present a whiff of cinnamon and clove. Its scent is most certainly a conversation piece, and will have your guests discussing it well into the night.

The Lady of the Night is a very resilient plant. It doesn’t require much water or food at all, and is not likely to attract pests that might disturb or damage it. The plants are also known for their longevity – some of them have been known to thrive as long as twenty years in a home or a garden! The Brunfelsia Americana grows as a thin, erect shoot with only sparse branching, which makes it strange that some people think of this plant as shrubbery. It is a delicate-looking plant despite its durable nature. Dark green leaves that have a tough, fibrous texture decorate the plant.

Tropical temperatures and humidity levels will help the Brunfelsia Americana thrive. Moisture in the air will help keep the plant blooming heartily, as well as make its perfume linger even longer. This wonderful perfume is produced by the plant’s flowers, which grow in great variations of size and quantity. Plants in drier climates will produce small bunches of flowers, where warmer, more humid climates can grow flower clusters nearly two yards wide! If blooming properly, the plant can reveal hundreds of little flowers nightly, permeating the atmosphere with its alluring bouquet.

In lieu of a chemical or artificial air freshener, the Brunfelsia Americana is a perfect way to create a pleasant fragrance indoors, as well as on your deck or in your yard. Simply trim a stem of flowers and set it in water in whatever room you choose. Guests will love to discuss its captivating scent every time they enter your home! A single flower emits such a robust perfume that your entire house will be bathed in its naturally sweet aroma without using environmentally harmful chemicals.

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