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Top 2 Love Potions and Spells That Work

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In this article, I will share with you a few effective and potent love potions spells that really work.

Love potions spells # 1

This is an apple potion. To create this love potion you will need a scarlet silk ribbon, two locks of hair – one from your beloved’s head and another from your own head, honey and an apple. In a horizontal fashion, cut down the apple into two pieces in such a manner that it reveals the star in the middle.

Now spread honey on the two open halves. Then you have to braid together the two locks of hair and cover one portion of the cut apple with the braid. The other half has to be covered with the sandwiched braid in between.

Then, with the help of the red ribbon, you have to tie up the two halves and bind them together.

You should make several knots while tying up the two halves. At the same time, you need to chant – “let us grow old together in happiness and health”. Now you have to search for a really lovely romantic spot, usually beneath a flowering tree or a flowering rose bush. Beneath that tree, you have got to bury the apple. This will ensure that the two of you are bound together for the rest of your life.

Love potions spells # 2

For this one, you will need your favorite fragrances and strands of strings or hair. Compared to strings, locks of hair are more powerful and potent. But they can be really difficult to work with. If you are still hell bent on using hair, source two locks of hair from your lover’s and your head. Now braid the locks together.

Don’t ask your lover to tear off a strand of hair. Rather, raid his towel or pick off hair strands off his combs or from the pillow on which he sleeps. In fact, you can perform these love potions spells with body hair as well.

And if you don’t want to get into so much trouble, just make do with dental floss or string.

While working, chant both of your names. You must have got a favorite aftershave or perfume that is your signature scent. While using strings, you should anoint every single thread with your signature scent. Now you have to hold both the strings or hair strands together. Focus your utmost and tie one knot at one end. And then chant:

“I bind this knot and bind our love.” Then you need to tie the other knot by saying: “I bind this knot and bring (enter name) desire.” Then you have to rattle off all those good qualities which you want your relationship to possess.

These are some of the wonderful love potions spells that you can use with ease.

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