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United Colors of Benetton

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The classic colors of Benetton have long been quite the favorite of so many people all over the world. To date, Benetton is now the largest manufacturer of clothing items all over Europe. It has also become the largest consumer of wool all over the world when it comes to the garment sector. The company has found much success but we must note that it was not an easy road. We can tell by the story of Benetton’s success humble beginnings.

In 1955, the eldest amongst the Benetton children, Luciano Benetton, perceived a market potential for colorful clothes. He was only 20 years of age and was working as a salesman in Treviso. Because he saw this market potential, he decided to sell a bicycle belonging to a younger brother so that he could purchase a used knitting machine. With this used piece of equipment, he started creating sweaters. Seeing that these sweaters were welcomed by stores all over Veneto, Italy, Luciano then invited his sister and his brothers to join him in his venture.

It was in 1968 when the Benettons opened their first ever store, in Belluno. A year after that, they also opened a store in Paris. Luciano was the acting chairman while Giberto headed administrative affairs. Carlo, on the other hand, handled production. The chief designer position was then assigned to Giuliana. Luciano’s meeting with Flavio Briatore soon led to the company’s expansion to the US market. They started with just 5 stores in the year 1979, but in 10 short years, this figure rose to 800 through aggressive franchise agreements.

The company’s clothing line continued to be its lifeline, with its casual line dubbed as United Colors of Benetton. Initially, Benetton’s product line included casual wear, leisurewear, street wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, and underwear. However, over the years, Benetton perceived much potential in expanding their product lines. Pretty soon, Benetton covered toiletries, watches, baby products, household items, and perfume as well.

Colors of Benetton for Women has indeed captured the fancy of a lot of women all over the world. What makes it even more popular is the fact that it can also be bought online. Sport Cologne by Benetton for Men has garnered a huge population in the market as well.

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