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Want to Read a Volufiline Review?

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Through the health and beauty industry there is talk spreading about Volufiline, a cosmetic ingredient, but what exactly is it? What does Volufiline do? Why should I buy it? Where can I locate skin creams that contain this fantastic addition to the formula?

There are a lot of women and men asking these same kinds of questions since the news about Volufiline came to the health and beauty market recently. These are the kinds of inquiries that come from people that want to shape the contours and curves of their body. The focus is on the hips and thighs, buttocks and breasts.

I read the comments of one woman in a forum in which she was using the Volufiline cream on her the skin above her low neck line call the décolleté, as well as her hand, knee, elbow, temple, cheek, buttock and forearm only one the left side of her body. This woman had actually bought a breast enhancement product with Volufiline in it and was using it on her left side of the body and reported satisfactory results within 3 weeks of regular use. This gives you and me an idea of the places we would like to have a little more flesh on our bodies.

What is Volufiline?

It is an ingredient used in cosmetics that is unique in that it works under the skin without stimulating hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It is made by a cosmetic ingredients company and is the combination of hydrogenated polyisobutene, a synthetic oil that is widely used in cosmetics, and root extract of the anemarrhenae asphodeloides plant, a laxative that is also used to make soap. Unlikely as it may seem, this combination is good at stimulating the adipocytes, the connective tissue that makes and stores fat.

What does it do?

It has the ability to define and remodel the curves of the décolleté through a progressive cosmetic lipofilling-like action.

This solution does not stimulate hormones to be effective but it stimulates adipocyte differentiation, proliferation and increases volume. When applied it will work locally increasing volume where it is wanted. Most people will use it on the breasts or buttocks but it can be used anywhere. Some people are using on their hands and/or cheeks to get a more plump appearance.

Are there clinical scientific studies that have been done on Volufiline?

Volufiline has been clinically tested with positive results. In one study women between the ages of 18 and 35 with a cup size of 30A to 34AA. Applications of a 5% Volufiline cream were applied to one breast for 56 days. There was an increase in breast tissue on average of up to 8.4% over the untreated breast.

An in vitro evaluation of Volufiline yielded the following results.

On adipocytes there was an increase in cell volume of over 22 times and lipid storages increased more than 600%!

On pre-adipocytes cell differentiation increased by more than 200%! A pre-adipocyte is a premature adipocyte.

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