February 21, 2024


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Why Are Men Attracted To The Way A Woman Smells?

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I am quite sure most men are guilty of inching closer to women because she sure smells good, haven’t you? Well, don’t feel too bad about it now that you have been found out because there is plenty of science about why this is happening and yes, women too are also guilty about inching closer to you because you, well, smells good too. That is nice isn’t it?

So, why are women attracted to the way a man smells? In case you didn’t know, it is your human pheromones that is the real sexual attractant and not you per se. You see, the pheromone is an odorless chemical compound secreted by humans, animals and even insects. Pheromone is part of nature’s mating game created for sexual attraction albeit on a physical level.

The effect of this compound is much more prominent in the animals and insects rather than the human race. That is why a bitch in heat can attract dogs from even a mile away because of the pheromones she is emitting. Fortunately or unfortunately, the same cannot be said about human beings.

It is thought that we humans, being logical creatures do not react much to instinctive behaviours and thus through the centuries of lack of use, our detection and production of our own pheromones declined dramatically. However, there are still evidence to show that we do produce and detect human pheromones albeit in a much lesser extent than animals and insects.

These findings are the reasons why the artificial pheromone manufacturing industry is booming. Nowadays, you can easily buy laboratory manufactured human pheromone in the form of sprays, oils, cologne, perfumes and even pheromone enhancing pills meant to encourage the production of your own natural pheromones.

The human pheromone is found in our sweat and is subconsciously detected by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), or Jacobson’s organ in the nose. But guys, if you want to attract women with plenty of stale sweat, forget it because smelly sweat also turns women off or otherwise, women will be flocking to menial workers who are sweating like waterfalls.

So if you want women to get close to you enough to detect your own natural pheromones, plan on being sweat free or just a little newly sweaty. This is because pheromones are oderless and being too sweaty brings out stale sweat smells that are detestable to women’s nostrils.

You see, girls have more sensitive smell receptors than men and prefer certain scents only when they are fresh, such as androstenol (primary chemical in male pheromone), which is secreted when sweat and oxygen mixed together. But because of the smelly stale sweat, they will be turned off. You won’t want that to happen, don’t you?

So one way of overcoming this irony is to wear manufactured androstenol in the form of cologne, spray or perfume. I personally prefer to take pheromone enhancing supplements to produce more of my own natural pheromone without sweating too much. This is because everyone is unique and different.

Attracting the opposite sex using pheromone is only one part of the dating game because that forms only the initial physical attraction. To take the relationship further, you must learn and have other attractive male attributes to keep the women continuing to yearn for you. So if you have other male qualities such as confidence, leadership and style, cemented by a dash of pheromone oil, then you will certainly become a natural girl magnet.

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