November 26, 2022


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Why human hair extensions are better than others

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Remy Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Extensions - Virily

Hair extensions are now a super popular hair accessory that flawlessly helps you change your look without causing any long-term changes. Hair extensions provide several benefits, the most prominent of which is their versatility. Hair extensions are now available in a wide range of varieties; whether you want longer hair extensions, shorter ones, or just bangs, everything is available on the market today. Furthermore, they are also available in a range of hair colors beyond regular blacks, browns, and blondes.

Even more, convenience and accessibility come from the fact that hair extensions are now available in synthetic as well as human hair weaves. While synthetic hair extensions are cheaper and available in a greater number of colors, human hair extensions are the better option for those looking for a more natural and undetectable look.

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Real human hair extensions are also available in a range of qualities and budgets. For example, the most premium hair extension quality can be found in remy hair extensions, made from the finest quality of human hair, usually procured from Asian countries such as India and China.

Benefits of human hair extensions

Even though human hair extensions are a little more expensive, depending upon the quality, they have a number of benefits that synthetic hair does not provide. These include:

  • Easy to maintain: The best human hair extensions you can find would be the easiest to take care of. The better the quality, the easier they are to maintain. This is because their quality makes them better able to resist harsh conditions like washing or heat treatments. This is extremely useful, especially for those who style their hair often and would be using heating tools on the hair extensions as well.
  • Long Lasting: The superior quality of hair extensions made from natural human hair enables the extensions to last a long time. With proper maintenance of the extensions by washing them regularly, combing the hair the right way, and not exerting too much pressure under harsh conditions, human hair extensions can last longer than synthetic hair extensions. The premium quality is achieved by the way the hairs are sorted, treated, and collected.
  • Natural Appearance: Since hair extensions made from human hair are actually natural hair, when worn correctly, they are indistinguishable from the wearer’s natural hair. Their smooth texture only elevates the look, while their natural hues perfectly blend with a person’s original hair, making it a challenging task to differentiate between real hair and extensions. The only thing crucial here is to wear the extensions properly so that they blend in with your hair. Comb them as required to match the texture with your original hair.

Hair extensions are here to stay and will only grow in popularity in the coming years. By making it easy to not only change your look but even cover up some slimming lines and bald spots, they offer a great solution to a larger segment of the audience that is not too keen on wearing full-blown wigs. Investing in good quality hair extensions is, thus, better for the long run.


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