June 5, 2023


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Why Women Are Naturally More Attracted to Sweaty Men – Sexual Attraction Mysteries Explored

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In 2007, Rockefeller University and Duke University published their findings on a scientific study that explored the sexual-attractive-factor of sweat. The researches claim that 70% of women (and men, too) are able to smell androstenone which is secreted in male sweat.

When some women get a whiff of this particular hormone, a sexual-neurological response is triggered. This includes increased heart rate, increased ovulation stimulation, nirvanic-like feelings, increased blood to the sexual organs, engorged labia minora, various degrees of clitoral engorgement, and increased vaginal lubrication.

Pigs (one of Man’s closest physiological relatives) are also quite susceptible to this particular hormone. When female pigs smell androstenone on a male pig, they immediately, let’s just say, “assume the position.” Human males, unfortunately, aren’t so lucky.

There is believed to be other pheromonal-based sexual triggers in both male and female sweat. Cataloging and discovering the long list of such hormones is a bewildering and difficult task, as different people are aroused by different smells, as no two people are entirely pheromonal-trigger alike.

One argument against the antisepticated “cleanliness” that most humans like to enjoy, is that such hormones, get obliterated and “lost” with heavy washing (with soap) and with artificial perfumes and colognes. The high amount of “scents” in the detergents we use to wash our clothes also have the ability to “snuff out” such smells.

In our desire to “smell” clean and fresh, we may be our own worst sexual enemies. Especially as such hormones are different in just about everybody. Plus, not everyone can smell and be stimulated by each hormone if it’s present. What this means is that Nature has provided a “natural” attractiveness factor between certain men and women. Which is to say, a woman might naturally be attracted to Man A more because of his “smell,” while the same woman may not be attracted to Man B and his scent. However, another woman may have the complete opposite response, being attracted to Man B and not Man A.

Clearly, by covering up such “smells” through heavy use of soaps, scents, and perfumes, we are interfering with Mother Nature’s role as the Ultimate Matchmaker; and then we wonder why the divorce rate is so high, at 50%. In our hurry to smell more “appealing’ through external scents, we may be doing more harm than good. When “Man” starts interfering with Nature and takes on an arrogant attitude that “He” knows more than Nature does, the results are usually counterproductive. Unfortunately, due to the high impact that advertising has on society, companies have convinced us that we need to “smell” a certain way. This form of brainwashing is, literally, pandemic in our culture and rather unfortunate. No wonder society seems to be growing more and more confused and lost, with each day that passes.

Another reason some women may find men who sweat more attractive than men who sweat less, is that sweating is biologically a more masculine trait than a feminine trait. The reason for this is that women have less sweat glands than men, and, obviously, don’t sweat as much. Since men sweat more, this is a more “Manly” aspect that differentiates men from women. Just like breasts are a differentiation between men and women.

In fact, women have a more complex and different body “cooling” mechanism than men do, in that women will “channel” large portions of blood to different areas of their body to “radiate-off” body heat to help regulate their body temperature. Men hardly do this to the degree that women do, and rely more on the sweating mechanism to lower body temperature.

This is why most women are more sensitive to temperature changes and one physiological reason why most women cannot tolerate saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms at the higher temperatures that men can tolerate. That’s not a male-based, chauvinistic opinion, but a biological-physiological fact. “Yes, Virginia, there are differences between men and women, believe it or not. Forget what they are teaching you in school, as their political-correct method of brainwashing is one step away from complete insanity.”

This brings us to wonder if the term, “Never let them see you sweat,” is contradictory from a sexual perspective?

Georg von Neumann

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