February 21, 2024


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Women and Their High Heel Shoes

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Have you ever watched a women strut in 6 inch heel shoes and wonder how in the world she was able to move with such grace and control without falling. What is it about a woman in heels that just screams sophistication?

Is it the design of the shoe or is it how she walks in the shoe that brings such great harmony as she moves? I guess the answer lies within those that have experience with wearing heels that could provide a better answer to this question. Remember those days when you were a little girl and tried to walk in your mother’s shoes. I know what you were thinking, ” My mother does it with ease so it must not be that hard”. However, from the moment you set foot in your mother’s shoes and begin walking, you immediately discovered that it was not as easy as she made it seem.

You took one step and immediately fell forward on your face as the coordination between your left and right foot just did not seem to want to work correctly and therefore prevented you from moving more than two steps without having to stop to balance yourself or keep from falling. Step after step you tried over and over with no luck and at best, you were able to walk a few steps, but by the time you took the shoes off, you realized how painful it was to walk in your mother’s shoes.

Women and heels have been around for quite some time and the trend of walking in heels is not a fad that seems to be dying out anytime soon as designers continue to create masterpieces of designer heels. Do you ever wonder why women wear heels? I think that they not only provide height to a woman’s beautiful stature, but it gives them a sense of power as they strut in their provocative dress and sweet smelling perfume. Maybe, they wear heels because they are comfortable, but I can’t see how something so narrow and thin that seems to require having strong calf muscles to keep from falling over would be so divine to wear. Then again, I don’t think men in heels is one of those battles between the sexes that we would want to compete for.

However, whatever the reason a woman wears heels, you have to admit that for the ones that do wear them do look pretty good in doing so as they strut their stuff in public. 

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