May 18, 2024


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Women are more likely to feel stressed about their finances than men

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Money can be a stressor for all Americans, but more often than not, women are the ones worrying the most about it.

Income can be a stressor for all Us residents — but more generally than not, gals are the kinds worrying the most about it.

Extra than 2 in 5 gals (or 46 p.c) say money issues have negatively impacted their mental well being, prompting thoughts of stress, melancholy, sleeplessness and tension, according to a current nationwide Bankrate poll. That range compares with 38 p.c of guys.

Among the those who mentioned dollars negatively impacts their mental wellbeing, gals are far more worried than guys about owning sufficient emergency financial savings and shelling out for every day charges (at a respective 60 p.c and 59 p.c, as opposed to 53 % each for gentlemen).

Prevalent monetary cases are also extra probably to cause adverse feelings for women than adult males, these as examining one’s bank account (52 per cent of ladies as opposed to 46 % of adult men) or struggling with surprising fees (73 per cent of women of all ages as opposed with 64 per cent of gentlemen). | Newsphere by AF themes.