June 10, 2023


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Write down the Fashion Trends that will Mark 2022

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The catwalks mark the fashion trends that will be key for 2021. And the brands establish what we will wear next year and we will also say goodbye to other garments that it is better to leave in the closet for other occasions if they are worn again. Pants, dresses and skirts that you can wear this coming year and be totally up-to-date.

Always Comfy

Now there is a mix of styles where the most comfortable triumphs. The pandemic has left us at home for a long time (and it seems that things will go on for a long time until the vaccine is in its entirety in the country) so brands continue to bet on comfy fashion, to be at home, but with style.

Thus there are stylish tracksuits, joggings, sweatshirts, jackets for sports but also for going out, vlone camo pants that are tied with rubber bands, and sports that go with suits, jackets or dresses.

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The Yellow Color

We know that it is garish and suitable for the daring but Pantone has decided that one of the colors of the year (because there are two) is yellow and the other is gray. That is why we have seen garments of this color on catwalks that you can wear combined with black, white or gray, you decide.

Animal Print

This pattern continues, so if you have several models of this style, you are in luck because you will continue to wear it. For some years now, this look seems to be worn and does not go out of style, now there are variations and the leopard or zebras stand out above other different prints of the same line.

Balloon Shoulders and Sleeves

For those of us who have worn shoulder pads there in the 80s and 90s, it seemed surprising to us that they could be here again because they were quite uncomfortable. But they stylize and give meaning to a garment that without this accessory can look less imposing. Well, the shoulder pads are still here in the fashion trends of 2021 and will remain as well in 2022. And not only have that, the balloon sleeves are also backed. They are somewhat exaggerated, but what is taken is to show others our most daring look. With what garment will you choose them?

School Style

The uniforms that many wore to go to school are a trend this coming year. Thus we will see somewhat short and sexy plaid skirts and V-neck sweaters. All this can be combined with transparent gauze, colored sweaters, fishnet stockings, sports shoes or high heels if one sees it necessary.

All in Patent Leather

The bet on patent leather is in the fashion trends that will mark 2022. We have seen it on various catwalks in the form of leggings, bags, dresses. This style + the leather effect that we have also been able to experience during this 2021 in all kinds of garments. A material is styled that imitates leather and that ensures sustainability.

Echo is Imposed

And speaking of sustainability, more and more brands are betting on eco. For providing those fabrics that respect the environment and also our health. They are made and recycled fabrics that envision the future of the sector.

Wide Trousers

They don’t look good on everyone, but the baggy pants that have been a trend this year, going back to the 70s, still stick. So we see wide-leg pants, or in this way from top to bottom. Take good note because you will see Vlone clothes with all kinds of materials, whether they are jeans or cloth.

Pink Color but Less

It is nothing new, because pink has never really disappeared from our closets. But in recent years it has taken a run and next year it seems that too, although less than other colors. Bubblegum pink is one of the most popular and we will see it in the form of a suit, jacket or dress. Nude is another more neutral color that rejuvenates us, so you know what you will be perfect with in the coming months.


It is one of the garments that provides greater comfort and completes a somewhat bland look like a short skirt or blouse. The vests follow and are totally practical. Now in winter we see them in knitwear and wool, and for later there are many other materials that synthesize a different and glamorous look.


They are the quintessential autumn garments. This is a mid-season garment that we can also wear as soon as the most intense cold goes away. Now there are different styles, although the different models choose to follow a classic look in color (earth) and also with a belt.

Midi Skirts Follow

Dresses and midi skirts (longer) stay and can be combined with more sheer styles, chiffons and various prints. They are dresses that stylize because they make the short ones look taller and those who are already can wear a good hanger thanks to these garments.

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