June 2, 2023


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How to Attract a Cougar Woman

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If you decide that dating a cougar woman is for you, you will need to know just how to attract your perfect woman. Here are some tips:

1. Dress to impress – Appearance is important to many cougar women. They make an effort to look good and you should too. Depending on the venue, you may decide to go for smart casual, jeans, shirt and a blazer, or a smart suit. Make sure you are clean and smell nice. Invest in a nice aftershave, but just wear a couple of dabs, you don’t want to smell like a perfume shop.

2. Good manners – Cougar ladies expect you to be courteous and to show them respect. Sure you can have a load of fun with a cougar women, but to impress her to start with, you need to make an effort. Hold open the door, be polite. If you are young, hot and a gentleman to boot that will be a package most cougars won’t be able to resist.

3. Be confident – Cougar women are often very confident and independent. They will be attracted to you if you display a similar level of confidence. Just tell yourself you look good before you go out and believe it! You will send out a certain vibe that women will pick up on. Smile and laugh with your friends, whilst throwing the cougar woman admiring glances. If you can catch her eye for a second, she will get the message that you are interested.

4. Body language – If your cougar woman is at the bar, wander up and start a conversation. You will be able to pick up whether she is interested in you by her body language. Look out for her playing with her hair, making eye contact, smiling and touching her necklace, or chest. Mimic her body language subtly. If she takes a sip of her drink, take a sip of yours, if she touches her cheek, touch yours. This will give her a feeling of chemistry with you and help make her feel more attracted to you.

5. Treat her – Despite the fact that many cougar women will probably have more money than you, you should still offer to buy her a drink and treat her to dinner. Flowers, gifts and chocolates go a long way to making a woman feel special. You will find that your cougar woman will treat you to more expensive restaurants etc,once you have dated a few times.

6. Compliment her – If you notice something attractive about a cougar woman, smile, make eye contact and tell her. Whether it is her beautiful hair, pretty eyes, or gorgeous smile. Make her feel beautiful and special.

7. Make her laugh – All women love funny men and cougar women are no different. If you are a natural joker, then make her laugh. If you have not yet spoken to her, make the group of people you are with laugh and try to catch her eye. She will notice that you seem fun and be attracted to that. I don’t mean lame jokes, just don’t take yourself too seriously.

8. Stay cool – Even if you are feeling nervous, don’t worry. You are good enough for this cougar woman, just believe in yourself and it will shine through. Make sure you stand up straight. Don’t slouch, or stoop, as this will make you appear nervous, or shady.

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