June 2, 2023


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Top 5 shoe brands in Norway to check out now!

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The landscapes of Norway require an excellent taste and selection of shoes. The people of Norway have set many trends in this regard. You will find a large number of versatile shoe brands in Norway. Most of these companies are pioneers in manufacturing good quality shoes, which are in high demand among Norwegians and other people worldwide. So if you are looking for shoes in Norway, these are the top picks.

  • Topaz of Norway

This brand made its recognition by using sealskin to produce slippers and shoes. Staying true to the Topaz stone used in its name, the company is a symbol of excellent quality and value. Since its inception in the 1980s, it has maintained a high standard in using sturdy materials for the shoes it manufactures. With a classic look to each of its footwear, people associate a particular style with this brand. 

A famous shoe of Topaz is the Women’s Art Minnesota boot. According to Norwegian online reviews, it was a best seller for its comfort and softness, among others. 

  • Alpha footwear

Ranked at the top of most popular shoes in Norway, the Alpha company has set high benchmarks in giving exemplary craftsmanship and quality in the shoes it makes. People recognise this brand because of its shoe line’s attractive style and innovative designs. The company prioritises comfort and warmth to equip its customers for unpredictable weather conditions. Wearing one of their shoes will give you an unforgettable experience outdoors. 

Munro Perform GTX M is a classic product of Alpha footwear, containing all the features which appeal to the user. They are lightweight and durable, giving you comfort and grip.

  • Helly Hansen

Everyone knows about this particular brand for its variety of products and classy shoes. A prominent name in hiking boots, this brand puts innovation and creativity into manufacturing shoes worth spending on.  

Men’s garibaldi winter boots are among the top favourites for their warmth, comfort, elegance, and quality. This shoe brand is the most well-known for Norwegian shoes.

  • Viking outdoor footwear

Similar to other famous shoe companies in Norway, Viking footwear has also strived to provide superb quality and comfort. It is focused on using eco-friendly materials and is known for this speciality. 

An example of their products is the Seilas Rubber Boot.

  • Bergans of Norway

Their shoes are made to be worn in all types of mild and extreme weather. The durability of these shoes makes them stand out among other brands. Their sleek designs and comfortable fitting have made them popular among all enthusiastic hikers. 

Their Pasvik Lady boot has memory foam to give you the utmost comfort.


It needs to be clearer to select good quality shoes that are a good value for the price. This article aims to help you find the ones which have sold well due to their exquisite features. The best shoes in Norway have been included to guide you on which stores to visit while looking for winter shoes.  It is up to you to choose one that suits you the best. 

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